CPIT – Systems Architect

An IT Systems Architect designs or architects IT solutions to address business requirements. Similar to the Architect in the building industry, IT Systems Architect will focus on the overall structure of a system, identifying major components and their relationships.

Certification Level

One level of Certification, Certified Professional IT (Systems Architect) – CPIT(SA), is provided.

Eligibility Requirements

Applicant must satisfy the General Eligibility Requirements of CPIT, and the following specific specialization requirements:

CPIT Credential Academic Qualifications IT Experience related to Systems Architecture
CPIT(SA) Degree holder Minimum Eight years with at least two projects of high system complexity
Non-degree holder Minimum Twelve years with at least two projects of high system complexity

Competency Requirements

Each CITP(SA) is required to demonstrate sufficient level of competencies in at least 3 of the 8 knowledge areas required for IT Systems Architect:

  • Architecture Framework and Vision
  • Business Architecture
  • Data Architecture
  • Technology Architecture
  • Network Architecture
  • Integration Architecture
  • Software Architecture
  • Embedded Systems Architecture


CPIT – Systems Architect