CPIT – Quality Assurance Manager

An IT Quality Assurance Management Professional is a person responsible and accountable for quality assurance of IT projects and systems. He/She plans and coordinates systematic activities in a quality system so that quality requirements for a product or service will be fulfilled.

Certification Level

One certification level, Certified Professional IT (Quality Assurance Manger) – CPIT(QAM), will be provided.

Eligibility Requirements

Applicant must satisfy the General Eligibility Requirements of CPIT, and the following specific specialization requirements:

CPIT Credential Academic Qualifications Experience related to IT Quality Assurance
CPIT(QAM) Degree holder Minimum ten years with substantial hands on experience on two high complexity** quality programs
Non-degree holder Minimum fifteen years with substantial hands on experience on two high complexity** quality programs

Competency Requirements

The CPIT(QAM) is required to demonstrate at least six levels of competencies in the following Competency Activity Groups (CAGs). These six CAGs consist of:

  • One Mandatory CAG in Personal Competency
  • Three Core CAGs in relation to Quality Assurance
  • Two Elective CAGs

Mandatory CAGs

  • Personal Competency

Core Competency Activity Group

  1. Organizational Quality Initiation
  2. Quality Plan Development
  3. Quality Assurance Execution
  4. Quality Measurements and Improvements
  5. Quality Training and Development

Elective Competency Activity Group

  1. Key Business Management Knowledge and Professional Ethics
  2. IT Governance and Control Practices
  3. Software Engineering and Support Processes
  4. Information and Communication Technologies


CPIT – Quality Assurance Manager