CPIT – Business Analyst

The career progression for BA could be diversified with senior titles such as Senior BA, Senior Systems Analyst and Systems Manager in IT or functional areas with IT User Organizations as well as Senior Consultant and Principal Consultant in IT Service Providers or Management Consulting.

Eligibility Requirements

To attain the CPIT(BA) certified status, the applicant must satisfy the following three requirements:

  • Passed the CPIT(BA) exam which shall be a 3-hour examination with 120 multiple-choice questions;
  • Obtained an academic qualification of at least an AD/HD/undergraduate degree in IT or IT-related areas or Qualifications Framework Level 4 equivalent and
  • Possessed two years of relevant IT work experience.

Competency Requirements

Note that for the Business Analyst, the job requirements are likely to be lower in certain areas and for those cases the knowledge or competency requirements are flagged as Optional.

  • Organizational Requirements Analysis
  • Requirements Management
  • Requirements Collection
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Requirements Communication
  • Solution Evaluation
  • IT Knowledge & Skills
  • General Business & Professional Knowledge



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CPIT – Business Analyst