Sponsored by the Hong Kong SAR Government, the IT Professional Certification System and IT Manpower Roster Feasibility Study Project was initiated in 2005, leading to the formation of the Certified Professional of IT (CPIT) credential. To sustain the initial, the Hong Kong Institute for IT Professional Certification (HKITPC) was founded in May 2007.

The objective of HKITPC is to assess and certify IT professionals based on knowledge, skills, ability and proven work experience. A highly effective assessment system for recognition of the IT professionals has been developed for different streams of knowledge domains and dimensions.

HKITPC is a non-profit organization. Its development has been empowered by over hundreds of highly experienced IT professionals and subject matters experts from the academic fields and institutions, with genuine support and active participation from the employers and business communities.

Certified Professional of IT (CPIT)
The CPIT credentials cover a wide spectrum of IT subject matters or disciplines such as system architecture, project management, quality assurance, information security, business analysis and so on.

Successful CPIT certified professionals are expected to demonstrate at an adequately recognized level of competencies in specific professional disciplines. This is proven by meeting stringent assessment requirements through eligibility verification, examinations, presentation, essays, and interviews as appropriate. In pursuit of self-excellence, the candidates are also committed to continuous professional development and abiding to professional ethics under the CPIT certification framework.

CPIT titles are aligned with the Qualifications Framework of the Hong Kong Education Bureau, providing the CPIT certified professionals with a clear roadmap for professional development.

The first batch of CPIT titles were launched since 2007 to recognize senior IT professionals in project management, systems architecture, and quality assurance. These titles include (i) CPIT (Project Director, PD), (ii) CPIT (Systems Architect, SA), and (iii) CPIT (Quality Assurance Manager, QAM).

Three more junior CPIT titles have been launched since 2009. These titles include (i) CPIT (Associate Project Manager, APM), (ii) CPIT (Information Security Officer, InfoSec), and (iii) CPIT (Business Analyst, BA) for IT professionals who have entered the IT profession for two years and are ready to choose a specialization for their IT career.